Bad Credit Home Loan

Bad Credit Home Loan and High Debt to Income Ratio Mortgages

Bad Credit Home Loan

I specialize in helping borrowers with prior bad credit get mortgage approvals in California, Indiana, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois and Florida.  Bad credit home loan and high debt to income ratio mortgage lonas  is one of my niche specialties.  I also specialize in home loans with bad credit and help folks who got denied by other mortgage lenders because they have high loan to value ratios or no credit history as well as open collections, judgments, and tax liens.  The bottom line is that I can help everyone who needs a mortgage loan as long as they have documented income.  Whether you have prior bad credit, a bankruptcy, judgments, open collections, or tax liens, I am a mortgage lender with no lender overlays.

Qualifying for bad credit home loan

You might not qualify for a mortgage now but I will help you repair your credit and improve your credit diligently and get you qualified for a mortgage loan in the very near future.  Sometimes mortgage loan borrowers qualify and they do not even realize it.  For example, one of my clients recently went through a foreclosure and did not think he would qualify for a home loan.  He contacted me and we discussed his foreclosure status.  If a homeowner has a foreclosure, there is a 3 year waiting period before they can qualify for a mortgage loan.  My client realized this and wanted to start working on rebuilding his credit so he can qualify for a mortgage in 3 years.  After talking to him, I found out that the title of his house and the note on the loan was just under his wife’s name.  They both filed a joint bankruptcy and the house was included in the bankruptcy.  My client did not realize that the foreclosure did not affect him because the title and the loan was only in his wife’s name and not his.  Even though they are married and filed a joint bankruptcy and the house was part of the bankruptcy, my client qualifies for a mortgage loan.  I instructed my client to apply online here, , and submit his online application.  Once I received his online mortgage application, I submitted it to our automated underwriting system and got him an approval from Fannie Mae.

Home Loan with Bad Credit

If you need a bad credit home loan and if you just filed bankruptcy or have gone through a foreclosure, contact me at and lets get you ready in getting a mortgage loan approval in the near future.  I will help you repair your credit and improve your scores and prepare you to obtain a mortgage loan approval as quickly as possible.  There is no obligation nor is there any costs involved.

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