Ortho-K: Braces For Your Eyeballs: An Alternative To Lasik Surgery

This Article On Ortho-K Braces Which Is An Alternative To Lasik Surgery Was Written By Francine Sinclair

Last summer I did the unthinkable. I spent $2,500 on a pair of braces for my daughter’s eyeballs. I know it sounds funny, but that is what they really are. You may be imagining some kind of metal contraption squeezing her eyeballs together, but I assure you that it is not nearly as painful or inconvenient. Ortho-K (Orthokeratology) , an alternative to lasik surgery, are customized contact lenses designed for people with myopia and possibly some astigmatism that reshape the cornea of the eye while sleeping. In my opinion, they are the best thing since sliced bread. I guess it might be better to say that they are like retainers because the effect is completely reversible if not worn regularly.

How Does Orthokeratology Work: Alternative To Lasik Surgery

Upon waking up in the morning, they are removed and placed in a cleaning solution and you are free of any vision correcting devices all day until bedtime. The problem is that If you don’t wear them for about two nights in a row, your eyesight will revert to its original state, therefore in order to keep your vision sharp, you should wear them every night.  This is a great alternative to Lasik Surgery for anyone who can’t or won’t undergo this procedure, especially kids.  Ortho K lenses are hard, so it may be somewhat of an arduous task getting children used to wearing them, although I have known of children as young as five years old using them with the assistance of their parents of course. I had one heck of a time getting my daughter to get those things in her eyes, and once they were in, taking them off was another squabble because she couldn’t keep her eyes still.  A word of caution: Do not lose these babies because It’ll cost about $300 to replace just one of them! This is why I assist my child in the process of putting them in and removing them.

Price Tag To Alternative To Lasik Surgery

You might still be wondering if the price tag and the hassle are worth it. If you were not able to do Lasik, is there any amount of money that you wouldn’t pay to slow down or stop the progression of an eye condition?  That is what finally sold me on them. Yes, the price is definitely steep, especially when you compare it to the price in other countries. I was furious when I learned that my friend Sergey in Russia paid only $200 for his daughter’s pair. It crossed my mind to fly half way across the world, buy them there and use the difference for sightseeing, but when I factored in the cost of two round trip tickets, in addition to the cost of a hotel, suddenly it wasn’t so much of a good deal anymore. Of course a nearby doctor is needed for follow ups and a bi-monthly trip to Moscow was not on my budget.

Another big downside is that every year you will have to come up with about $700 for a new pair, which is of course a significant amount of money. To resume, the biggest selling point for me was the reduction of the rate of myopia progression, otherwise, I would have probably not made the investment, even though being able to see without glasses or contacts might be enough of a reason for some people.

If you want to find out more about this great product, jump on Google and find an eye doctor near you. Not every optometrist or ophthalmologist offers this product, and it requires quite a few more tests and measurements than normal contacts. Also, there is a possibility that the first set might not work well for you and they have to start the process all over again (without any additional cost). So make sure not to start the process right before going on vacation because it can take a month or so depending on your particular case.

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