2016 Florida Home Purchase: Florida Hot Real Estate Market

This Article On 2016 Florida Home Purchase Was Written By Ronda Stepp

2016 Florida Home Purchase,… One of the Top Three States Where People are Moving!

2016 FLORIDA HOME PURCHASE: According to the Independent Journal and the Florida Realtor Association, 2016 Florida Home Purchase is again set to be a Real Estate Hot-Spot for the year 2016. The local Florida Realtors just gathered together again recently at the end of January 2016 for a statewide outlook of the past year and the projected future. Most of us as consumers also look online for good sources when researching a move or are about to embark on a New Home/Lending purchase.

2016 Florida Home Purchase: Migrating To Florida

Where does one find a good source for this information? Are you trying to decide where to look for a new job or where others are moving? To start, you can look no further than your local moving companies. United Van lines did a survey that showed people were moving to Texas, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and Colorado. In that order.  This is related to jobs/employment growth and desirability.

2016 Florida Home Purchase: Housing Prices

As house prices normalize in Florida, it is becoming not only seen as a retirement destination, but many are re-locating  from other states for work or Business Entrepreneurship.   Realtors and Lenders look to Baby Boomers and Millennial’s as their clientele. Baby Boomers are still a huge part of the market as they are retiring, relocating and downsizing. An even bigger market is to the Millennial’s who are eager to become first time homeowners.  Local Renters are feeling the pressure as rents increase. They are finding that purchasing a home could mean paying less in monthly housing expenses making it a more logical choice.

Home Inventory In Florida: 2016 Home Purchase

2015 was a very good year for both Home and Condo sales.  Statewide the prices have increased for 49 months in a row.  The Florida shadow inventory is slowly but surely disappearing.  Home sales are expected to increase 8-10 percent in 2016, while home prices are likely to rise about 5 %. Prices have already increased in the South bringing many Investors to Central and North Florida to buy investment property.

There is still time for buyers to seize the window of opportunity before prices go higher for purchasing a house. Will interest rates go higher, will housing prices continue to increase? That is the golden question and I wish I could tell you. We can only give you the most accurate information from  relying on current past  data to help project the future.

The Great State Of Florida And Its Amenities

On the fun side of Florida whether you’re here or you’re thinking of moving here, there is always plenty to do! Since Florida is actually a large peninsula out in the water, you’re never far from a beach. You can truly live anywhere in the state and drive to many different destinations that make you feel like you are on permanent vacation. Don’t forget Orlando,  which is the Number One Travel Destination in the US. There is Disney World, Sea World,  Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios and many other attractions along with World Class Resorts. The state overall is very beautiful and we must remember that Florida is known as the Sunshine State.  With that thought in mind I will leave you to make your own conclusions and memories. It will definitely give you something  nice to think about when you are ready tell yourself “ I am moving to the Sunshine State”!  I hope to hear from you soon… and see you soon……

Best Wishes in all your Florida Endeavors,

Ronda Stepp

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